Video games are a waste of time for men with nothing else to do.
We believe that games should be fun, free (well, almost!) and to be played / shared with friends.

Driven by this philosophy, Playcaso works on creating original IP focusing on maintaining the fun and replay factor of the game. In short, we are a platform agnostic company and technology is just a medium of delivery ... for us, the game comes first!

Are you a brand / IP owner who wants a game / app made around their IP and are looking for the right partner to collaborate with?

Are you a developer looking for a publisher to showcase your dream game to the world?

Look no further ...

We also work with brand/ IP owners who want to build games around their IP as well as indie developers who have good products but need publishing and marketing support to help them make the $$$ !

For more info on how Playcaso can help you launch and market your game, write to us at .